Worry Stones
These worry stones can be made with air-drying clay or a polymer like FIMO. Click the link for a Youtube video showing you how easy these are!
Worry Stones Letter
You can write a little card to go with your Worry Stone. Maybe you'd like to mention it was you thumb that made the print!
Decorate your card
Paint, draw or generally decorate your lovely Worry Stone card
Painted Plant Pot
Would you like to decorate a terracotta pot? We can help by supplying pots or follow the link to where you can purchase these pots on Amazon. We will add a planting kit.
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Here's some different items your school could make. Please do let us know what you are doing!

Make sure you watch Miss Flegg's videos demonstrating worry stones and plant pots...


If you need help buying supplies - let us know - we can help!

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